Here’s how you save a lot of money without cutting entertainment:

Cut your phone bill – a couple has a family plan that runs about $90/mo from the major carriers.

But with wifi almost everywhere, you don’t really need that expensive bill. You can use a service like TPO to cut that huge expense to $15/mo per person, so $30/mo total. Save $60/month.

Cut the cord on cable too. Drop the $100/month expense and replace it with Sling, Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu for $35/month. You’ll have plenty of choices for entertainment. Save $65/month.

Get one less latte per week $4/wk. That saves $220/year.

Get the AirFive drinks subscription and make $72/year.

Cut your home phone service and replace it with Google Voice (or nothing) – save about $120/yr.

There you have about $4000 in savings over two years and you didn’t have to give up watching movies/shows or going out for drinks.

If you want to save more or didn’t save the full $4000 in savings from above, try these:

Get the movie on Redbox instead of at the theatre to save $12/movie/person.

Watch live sporting events with friends. Have a house party once a month instead of going out as often.

Cook instead of eating out two meals per week would save at least $10/wk = $520/yr.

What would you do with an extra $2000-4000 per year? Get out of debt? Invest for the future? Travel?


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