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writer | web designer | growth marketer | podcaster

Johnny is a man trying to improve the world. He wants to spread happiness, peace, and love.

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Loving People. Staying Eternally Optimistic (SEO).

Growth Marketer

Crafting digital marketing strategy and branding

Web Designer

Building modern, smart, pretty, responsive layouts


Creating solutions to pain points.


Blogs. Screenplays. Copy. eBooks.


Host of Heartland Startups Podcast

Web Design and Development

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The Startups

Healthy and Wealthy U

Healthy and Wealthy U is your online magazine for mental, physical and financial well-being.

Electric Growth

Electric Growth is a digital marketing and branding agency that will grow your business

Actors Basecamp

Actors Basecamp is a platform for actors to network, find work and manage their projects.

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by a man trying to improve the world

a more perfect nation book cover

A More Perfect Nation

This book takes a quick peek into the future. Set in the near future, things aren’t as bad as some predicted.

how to lose friends and irritate people book cover

How to Lose Friends and Irritate People

This book takes a sarcastic look at how we interact with each other. Not meant as a field guide, this book hopefully makes you laugh at yourself and discover ways you can be kinder to people.

Heartland Startups

A Podcast on Startup Entrepreneurs in America
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Versatile Team Player

Johnny, a multi-talented generalist with a wide array of skills, finds the gaps and fills them. Some would say he’s a master of none. They’re correct, but he’s more useful than you imagine.


Not on Drugs

At least not the hard stuff. Caffeine is a drug. So… yeah.



Well Educated

Bachelor’s in Business | Web Development Immersive | Courses on Web Design and Marketing¬†| Read many leather bound books



Works Hard for the Money

Dedicated. Passionate. Driven. Johnny is motivated to achieve greatness. Legacy matters.


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