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Welcome To Johnny's Online Kingdom

Johnny does a LOT of things. This is where you can keep up with all of them. Whether you’re here to read his blog, get his help to achieve your health and wellness goals, build your website or a little of all of them, you’re in the right place.

about Johnny

Sky's The Target

Johnny’s a bit of a dreamer. He gets his head lost in the clouds on the reg. If you need him, you may have to use force to pull him back down to earth. Non-lethal force. Gravity can handle the rest.

Take a Long Gaze w/ JW

Agile Coach

Coaching teams to use agile methods and principles to be better.


Creating solutions to pain points. Make life better, easier and cheaper.

WordPress Developer

Need a website? I can build it for you on WP.


Coached by Anthony Gilardi


Blogs. Screenplays. Shows. Books.


Voice-over actor and podcaster

Hire Johnny to build your site or coach your team.

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Johnny Whitfield

Jack of Trades. Just Awesome Guy (JAG).


Johnny has charm in spades. Try to not fall in love too fast. He has work to do.

Good Looks

Johnny has that classic All-American boy-next-door look. But, like, modern. Because his hair is long. And he wears really bright clothes.


Johnny is super positive and optimistic. Like, all the time. It’s crazy. He’s crazy. But his energy is infectious. The good kind of that. Give you team a boost by adding Johnny!

Years on Earth

Unused Degrees

Times Rejected



Johnny's Recommendations

There are lots of things you could buy with your money. Johnny doesn’t want you to waste any of it. You should check out these items Johnny gives a stamp of approval. It’s like Oprah’s List… except way less people care about this one.

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Johnny's Podcast

Johnny talks about interesting things. Mostly: the economy, politics, society, tech, culture and the future.

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The Startups

Actors Basecamp

Actors Basecamp is a platform for actors to network, find work and manage their projects.

Athletes Rise

Athletes Rise is a platform for athletes to build their brand, network and reach the next level.

Let's Be Roommates

Let’s Be Roommates helps you find people who are good matches to become your roommate(s).

Sling Some Glass

Sling Some Glass is where you will find repurposed glass to be green and impress your friends.

Swing for the Fences Productions

SFTFP is Johnny’s production company. They make films, web series and content marketing videos.

The Rest

The Sports Flock, Achyvr and Coactly are all under construction for the future.

The Projects

These are the dope projects Johnny created or helped build. They are almost as spectacular as him. Like, in person. But just almost.

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Versatile Team Player

Johnny, a multi-talented generalist with a wide array of skills, finds the gaps and fills them. Some would say he’s a master of none. They’re correct, but he’s more useful than you imagine.


Not on Drugs

At least not the hard stuff. Caffeine is a drug. So… yeah.



Well Educated

Bachelor’s degree in Business | General Assembly Web Development Immersive | Team Treehouse Front-End Web Development | Read many leather bound books



Works Hard for the Money

Dedicated. Passionate. Driven. Johnny is motivated to achieve greatness. Legacy matters.


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