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writer | web designer | growth marketer | podcaster
Johnny is a man trying to improve the world. He wants to spread happiness, peace, and love.
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Hi, I'm Johnny, a Web Designer & Developer. I'm Making the World Wide Web a Better Place.

There are many people who will offer to build you a website. Some will do a good job for a fortune, others are bad actors using your website for their purposes for pennies. I will build you a secure website that will help your business shine! 

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My Services

Website Design

We will discuss your project/business and I will design a website for you. 

Website Design

I will design a website to fit your brand. We will tweak it until you are happy with it!

Branding & Logo

I will create a logo that represents your brand well.

Content Strategy

Your content strategy is crucial for your success. We’ll talk about what to write and when to publish.

Website Development

I will build the website in a way that moves visitors to our desired objective.

Built From Scratch

I build your website to your needs. The functionality and flow for your brand.


We focus on getting the right flow for your visitors to drive them to your desired actions.

Maintenance & Updates

I offer ongoing security and maintenance services to keep your site safe and secure.

My Process


We don’t want to go in blind, so we define the scope of work.


I design a website that evokes your brand’s feeling.


We refine the pieces to make sure you love it.


I build it. You love it. We’re both happy about it.

My eBooks

Written by a man trying to improve the world

a more perfect nation book cover

A More Perfect Nation

This book takes a quick peek into the future. Set in the near future, things aren’t as bad as some predicted.
how to lose friends and irritate people book cover

How to Lose Friends and Irritate People

This book takes a sarcastic look at how we interact with each other. Not meant as a field guide, this book hopefully makes you laugh at yourself and discover ways you can be kinder to people.

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About Me

I’ve Been Building Websites for 4 Years and Writing for 25

I’ve tried a lot of different things in my years. Through that trial and error (a lot of error), I’ve picked up a set of useful skills. These skills are the ones I offer you to help you personally and professionally. That is my number one goal: growth. I will help you achieve your goals with my specific set of skills (imagine this sentence in Liam Neeson’s voice, circa “Taken”).

What the 2019 MLB Playoff Race Looks Like in an Alternate Universe

What the 2019 MLB Playoff Race Looks Like in an Alternate Universe

It's the trade deadline. Teams are buying and selling. They're really going for it or they're going for prospects to build a better future. Well, about 18 months ago, I envisioned the MLB with expansion and restructuring of the divisions (among other needed changes)....

5 Things I learned after being hit by two 18-Wheelers

5 Things I learned after being hit by two 18-Wheelers

You know how some people say, "I feel like I got hit by an [insert term for 18-wheeler]?" Well, I actually have been hit by that type of truck. Twice in about 15 minutes, technically. I'm not here to talk about that accident but suffice it to say that I'm lucky, and...

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