You should be allowed to say offensive things.

What we currently have is a situation where many people want those with opinions different from their own to be silenced. That’s not only bad for free speech, that’s also bad for society.

“Agree with me or be silenced.”

Who else held that philosophy? Well, some 20th Century examples include Fascists under Mussolini, National Socialists under Hitler, and Communists under Mao, Lenin, Stalin, and Castro. Tyrannical murderers all.

That is not great company. To avoid a totalitarian regime that kills everyone voicing an opinion different from the State’s opinion, we must be tolerant of others opinions, even when they are illogical, hateful, reprehensible and/or bigoted.

We cannot allow speech to be a crime. We must fight for free speech. That means even “hate speech” cannot be a crime. Who decides what “hate speech” is? What is the criteria?

If it’s deemed “offensive,” then you can’t say it? Ok, well you can’t call me a name or say anything that hurts my feelings because I find that offensive and, thus, you used “hate speech.”

If I don’t get to decide what is offensive, do you? Why do you have that power? Seems like we’re going to start drawing a bunch of arbitrary lines that inevitably lead to the imprisonment of anyone who offends those in power.

The loss of free speech is the end of a free society. Let’s not lose the pillar of all the great things we have. You have the freedom to agree or disagree below. I welcome you exercising that right.