Rules: Must be live action

must still be running on any network or service (Netflix, Amazon, Hulu)


10 – Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt (Netflix)

Obviously, I love Tina Fey.


9 – New Girl

The first two seasons were flawless. Then they brought Coach back. And made Winston ridiculously weird. Two season lull ensued. Coach gone => back to top notch form.


8 – Workaholics

Three amigos in a dull environment. What could be funnier?


7 – Modern Family

Picture portrait of the title. Great look at family complexities through various lenses. Social commentary on-point. Jokes waning though – may be time to wrap the bow.


6 – Scrotal Recall (Netflix – UK)

Brilliant dark comedy. Nobody wants to hear they have an STD, then have to tell their past flames. Yikes.


5 – Master of None (Netflix)

Aziz Ansari understands our generation and struggles of our time better than any other. His show is quintessential for laughing at the moment.


4 – Veep

Expert writing. Expert acting. Fantastic laughs. I really hope our government becomes more like this (endearingly incompetent) than House of Cards (manipulative, evil)


3 – It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Morality? None. Political Correctness? Zero. Truly amazing show about the most morally bankrupt┬áhumans I’ve ever seen.


2 – Brooklyn Nine Nine

Perfection. I’m pretty sure Andy Samberg is the Jewish version of me. My man crush on all of his comedy is undeniable. The rest of the cast is incredible. The writing is superb. This is comedy in highest quality form.


1 – Silicon Valley

Mike Judge is a genius. It’s undeniable at this point. Office Space, Idiocracy, King of the Hill, Beavis and Butthead. Now this. Being in the tech industry, I’ve seen and heard this could not be more accurate. Nor could it be funnier. This is a must watch.