There’s a lot of services out there ready to make your life easier. You obviously know about Amazon Prime at this point, so I’ll skip that #baller. Here we go:


1 – LastPass

Stop forgetting your passwords. And using terrible ones. Stop getting hacked, basically.


2 – Evernote

Your brain on a computer. Doesn’t get more useful┬áthan this for organization.


3 – Voxer

It’s better than text because it’s voice. But like a text in that you can take time with your response. Which is cool.


4 – Happy Hours

#savedatmoney #yourewelcome


5 – Learning apps

Udemy, Udacity, Coursera (yes, I cheated to put multiple apps – won’t be the last time I do that)

Learn new skills for like $10!

Who needs college? Over-rated! (clap clap, clap-clap-clap)


6 – Dollar Shave Club

They still have the best self-produced┬ámarketing video of all time. The service is fantastic. The blades… even better.


7 – NatureBox

Healthy, natural snacks delivered to your door. Dope.


8 – Five Four Club

Great fitting stylish clothes for $60/month. Actually $45 for your first by clicking this link.


9 – Birchbox

Grooming. It’s important. Appearances matter. Don’t skimp.


10 – Club W

Get your wine delivered to your door. Try new wines. Become a wine snob. Annoy your friends. #winning #goodlife


You’re a woman? Here’s a bunch more.

Fellas? Not much more. Keep it simple, brah.

Can’t afford these things? Oh no! What to do? Here’s some life hacks to save money (and feel better).


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