GQ gave a seven product guide to a handsomer face.

Here’s a 22 product guide for women – because you need to buy 3 times as many products (joking)!

But… if you want a universally applicable guide, I have the 3 things that work for everyone:


1 – Sleep

There’s a reason they call it beauty sleep. Get more. Seriously. So many health benefits.

7-9 hours. Every day. The more the better.

Your body is a machine that needs to rest. When you give it the rest it desires, it operates more efficiently. That’s why people who sleep more are often leaner than their sleep deprived counterparts.

Sleep deprivation will make you hungry at weird times – and you’ll overeat. Causing more health problems. And you’ll be groggy, so you’ll down a sugary energy drink which keeps the awful cycle going.


2 – Water

120 ounces. Minimum. I’m not kidding.

You will not drown. I’ve been doing this every single day since college. Never drowned.

If you prefer an equation: drink your body weight (lbs) in ounces of water. Weigh 160 lbs? Drink 160 oz of water daily.

Get a gallon jug. Drink the whole thing every single day. If you want to be more environmentally friendly, buy a refillable 20-24 oz bottle. Drink it 6-8x per day.

Will you pee a lot? Yes. But you’re probably dehydrated (pee yellow? I thought so) right now. And your body needs H2O to function. Your brain needs water to survive. Want to be more productive? Drink more water.

It’s amazing what your body and mind can do on a ton of quality H2O (not meaning expensive water – just filtered tap water is excellent).

Drink at least 120 ounces of water per day for two weeks straight and tell me how you feel and look on twitter: @jwhitfield3


3 – Cut sugar

Sugar is poison. Cut as much out as possible.

Will it hurt? Yes. It’s an addiction that food processors have instilled in us. It’s why we’re so fat and keep eating when our brains should’ve stopped us from eating more.

It’s as harmful to our bodies as hard drugs. And wrecks your internal operating system.


And these three don’t cost a penny (if you drink tap water – which is fine). In fact, you save money by not buying sugary things (frappuccino) and replacing them with real food and drinks (water, vegetables and meat).

Do yourself a huge favor: follow the above three tips. You’ll feel better, look better and enjoy life more.