Every year, millions of people make resolutions. Every year, millions of people fail at their resolutions.

Why do we fail? Do we not want it bad enough? Maybe sometimes. But I think most of the failings are due to the lack of a clear vision and strategy.

How do you get rid of the baggage and become the “New You” this year?

Here’s 5 New Year, New You resolutions to help you get there:

1 – Set SMART Goals

Specific – “If you don’t know where you’re going, you’ll get there pretty fast.”

Measurable – They need to be measurable so you’ll know if you’re on track, close and finished. Break them into small goals. Small, attainable goals will give you momentum proven to help you achieve the big goals.

Action Oriented – This one should be obvious. If it’s not something you can do by taking action, it’s not a goal. Winning the lottery is not a goal.

Realistic – Make $1 Billion is specific, measurable and actionable… however it’s likely unrealistic unless you own a startup worth a few hundred million right now. Don’t make those kinds of goals.

Time Bound – deadlines. They work. Put a time box on your goals. If you need to bump it, you can. Just know that you’re hurting yourself. Maybe make them more realistic which leads us to…

2 – Keep adjusting them

You’ve written them somewhere you can access (Evernote is a great option) anytime/anywhere. Adjust as you go.

You have SMART goals. Don’t be inflexible. Things change. Adapt.

If you set monthly goals, break it down into weekly goals. If you don’t get to a couple things that week, move it to the next week. Don’t beat yourself up. It happens. Which leads us to…

3 – Don’t quit when you slip

You’re going to make mistakes. We all do.

Maybe your goal was to lose 3 lbs in January. But you only lose 1. Maybe it was because you went to that party and had too much pizza and beer.

Don’t worry about it. Lose 3 next month. You don’t have to give up because you stumble once or twice (or even a hundred times). Get back up and do it right the next time. Which leads us to…

4 – Do one thing every day

Do one thing that gets you closer to your goals every single day. Improve 1% every day and you’ll be amazing in a very short amount of time.

Just 1% daily compounded means doubling every 72 days! In a year, you could be 32 times the person you are today!

Read a little more. Write a little more. Exercise a little more. Practice your skill a little more. Big success is a bunch of very small successes compounded.

5 – Accountability Partner

A lot of people are naysayers. Be a yeasayer.

Most people resist change. They will resist your changes. Why? Misery loves company.

If you do things to improve yourself and your life, there will be people who will try to stop you. Many will not actively hinder your progress but they will be hoping to see you fail.

Why would people do that? They don’t want you to become more successful than them and have to deal with knowing they could’ve made changes to improve their life. In short, they’ll see themselves as more of a failure if you become a success.

This is why you must find someone who will be positive, an encourager, to be your accountability partner.

If you tell a naysayer your goals, they will sabotage you. Spend time with positive, uplifting people.

Cut negative people out of your life to successfully achieve your goals.


If you follow those five resolutions, you will have a prosperous and wonderful year. I believe in you!