You know how some people say, “I feel like I got hit by an [insert term for 18-wheeler]?” Well, I actually have been hit by that type of truck. Twice in about 15 minutes, technically. I’m not here to talk about that accident but suffice it to say that I’m lucky, and grateful, to be alive. Here are 5 things I learned in the aftermath of that traumatic event: 

1 – Listen to the Universe

The Universe will talk to you – will you listen? Sometimes we ask the Universe/God/etc for a sign. Sometimes we get one, and sometimes we think we don’t. Sometimes the sign is subtle. Sometimes it’s a big truck hitting you on the freeway. Sometimes that’s not a metaphor. If you stay open and listen, you’ll notice that you are being nudged/guided in a certain direction. When you resolve to remain open to people and opportunities, they will arise and you will see them.

2 – Learn to Fall

In life, we will fall. We will get knocked down. To make sure we can get back up, we need to know how to fall properly. Fortunately, I learned jiu jitsu in college. They made us fall over and over again until our bodies got used to falling without hurting ourselves. Sounds silly, but it likely saved me from breaking many bones in my body in that wreck. Don’t get tense when something is about to hit you – relax everything. It takes a lot of strength to be able to summon that serenity, but it could save your life. Metaphorically, this means letting go. Let go of the past – it’s gone and can’t be changed. Let go of grudges – they drain your energy and fill you with negativity while accomplishing nothing. Let go of the unnecessary burdens weighing on you. That weight is slowing your progress. 

3 – Have Gratitude

We might not wake up tomorrow. There are no guarantees in this life. I struggled with true gratitude for so long.  Can you see? Read? Walk? Use a computer? Own a computer and/or smartphone? We are wealthy in opportunity. Do you have someone who cares about you? A parent, sibling, spouse or even just a friend? You don’t need a million fans on social media to be loved. You are loved today. You are loved as you are. Taking time to be grateful for all that you have will shift your mindset entirely and make it easier to be happy in life.

4 – Love More

There’s no need for hate. Love is always the answer. Always. I’m usually the first to save “I love you” in relationships and, in fact, said it on the third date in my current relationship. That’s what they mean for the third date rule, right? haha Since we don’t know how long we have on this planet and we are grateful for the wonderful people that make our lives so good, we need to tell them we love them. Tell them often. It’s really nice to hear someone loves you. Show the people you love that you care. Hug them. Hugs are amazing! Hug your friends more! You know the people you love better than I do, so do something with them that will show them how much you appreciate them.

5 – Take Action

Don’t wait to do anything you’re thinking of doing. Want to start a side business? Start tonight. Thinking about writing a novel? Open a document and start typing.  Say what needs to be said today. We only get one shot at life. Make the most of it. I missed some opportunities by not going for them when I had the chance. Regretting them will do nothing for me now. Acknowledging that fact and making sure I don’t let my mind prevent me from taking action in the present is the way forward. Don’t let past mistakes prevent present action. Ask her/him out. Make the move. Rejection is fleeting. Love is lasting. Call that potential client. Text that friend you haven’t seen in ages. You won’t regret it.

Parting Thought

I hope my revelations help you get more out of life without needing to be hit by a truck, or two, yourself. Thank you for reading this. Love and peace to you and yours!