There are soooo many supplements out there.

What to take? What to avoid? How much of it is actually worth it?

There’s a lot of ambiguity so you can hire me as your health coach to get more personalized guidance – but there are some staples that should be covered:


1 Protein

Your body needs it. You will not get bulky having protein shakes.

Muscles are protein (amino acids). Keep yours strong and healthy by drinking a few protein shakes each week.

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If you are dairy free (like me): rice protein is great. Pea protein is pretty good. Hemp tastes like crushed up weed. So… yeah. Get them all with the free natural sweetener – stevia.

Protein bars can be good too, but avoid sugary protein bars. Watch that stuff.

Quest Bars are the best protein bars on the market. Natural. Minimal sugar. High fiber. They’re awesome. Have a shake or bar instead of skipping breakfast. Have it instead of a terribly unhealthy lunch out.


2 Fish Oil

Get some. This stuff is amazing. Make sure to get the ones with the highest EPA and DHA content. Some gels are 1000mg on the label, but when you look at the contents, it’s barely 200mg of the good stuff. What a waste. That’s garbage. Spend a little more for the good ones. It’s worth it.

There are so many benefits of fish oil:


3 Zinc + Magnesium

Awesome compound. Take a pill before bed for better sleep. Most people are deficient in these minerals, so it’s super unlikely that you have too much of it in your diet already.

Here’s why you need this one.

It can boost testosterone production, which makes it a great counter to estrogen-promoting soy.


4 Vitamin D

Go outside. If you can’t do that, get some in pill form. This vitamin is crucial for healthy skin and bones.

Mushrooms and salmon can help too.


5 Calcium

Don’t get it from milk. Dairy is bad for us humans. (especially those allergic, like me and 60% of you reading this, even if you didn’t realize it).

You can take a pill, but I think eating broccoli, kale or white beans is better – it’s certainly more delicious.


6 Multi-Vitamins

A complete waste of money. Don’t buy these.

Instead of spending $20/bottle on them – get fish oil or ZMA from my Amazon store.


Those 6 supplement strategies will help you achieve your health and fitness goals much quicker.