Funerals are expensive.

$6000 is bare bones (get it? laugh. it’s ok) minimum. $10-12k is pretty standard. Why leave that expense for your family and loved ones while they are grieving losing you?

Why take up space in land that could be used for something more – like housing or trees to keep the air we breathe clean?

In fact – why don’t we turn cemeteries into lush gardens instead of a bunch of plots of land with skeletons in fancy boxes? Do we just keep cemeteries for scary movies and the haunting factor?

We have more than 7 Billion people on the planet. All will be dead within 150 years. Where are all those bodies going to go?

The Bios Urn has an answer. It’s the best answer I’ve heard.

The ashes go in a special urn with a seed for a tree. Live for another hundred years on this earth through a tree! And it only costs your family about $150.

You provide shelter and a sanctuary for the living after you leave this world. That’s a pretty cool way to go.

You clean the air for the people you leave behind. They can come spend time with your energy through the tree instead of at a piece of concrete marking the spot where a skeleton is enclosed in a box under the dirt.

It’s a fiscally responsible and environmentally responsible exit. You deserve to live on as more than a memory – renew the planet with your powerful energy.

And if you need something to comfort you in this time of grieving the loss (or impending loss) of a loved one or just want a new perspective on life and/or death, I recommend watching the series “Dead Like Me” – a thoughtful and humorous look at life, death and attachment.

It’s one of my favorite shows ever and it got me through a dark time in my life. Hopefully it can help you too.