Adam Jones called baseball, “a white man’s sport.” Is he right?

The MLB is 8% African American, 29% Latin American, 1% Asian American and 59% Caucasian American.

Does that seem racist? Why are there not more black guys playing baseball?

Before we answer that, let’s look at US population statistics:

12% African American, 18% Latin American, 6% Asian American and 62% Caucasian American

You probably weren’t expecting that. It’s ok. The MLB is actually the closest to being representative of America out of all the major sports.

The NFL is 67% African American, 31% Caucasian American, 2% all others combined. Not exactly like the US…

The NBA is even more exaggerated with 75% African American, 23% Caucasian American, 2% all others combined.

So what makes a sport racist? Not having at least half of its players be African American? That’s a little ridiculous.

Maybe, just maybe, the owners of the sports teams are simply fielding a team of the best players they can find and pay to play for their team. Since the goal is to win, that would make sense.

Initiating racial quotas would destroy the leagues. It would be terrible idea to force teams to have certain numbers of players of each skin color instead of trying to field the absolute best team possible.

So for Christ’s sake, let’s drop the whole calling a sport racist.