GMOs had a bad rep for a minute, but being anti-GMO is morally wrong. Let me explain:

There are over 7 Billion people on the planet. We need to feed these people.

And if we kill all the mosquitos (we should) and keep curing diseases, we’ll have even more hungry mouths to feed.

We can’t grow enough crops to feed 7 billion as it is. We need to genetically modify crops to be bug resistant and produce more so we can feed the people we already have.

Ramping up food production more will be necessary very soon.

It’s good that we’re getting very close to lab-produced meat being cost effective and delicious. There’s already too many cows and chickens, we don’t need more of them. Lab-grown meat is also a genetically modified organism…

Having lab-grown meat means less land and water needed for raising cattle and chickens. So, this GMO is way better for the environment and humanity!

Eating cultured meat could also be better for us than current beef and poultry because of the lack of hormones and anti-biotics. We shouldn’t be ingesting those.

GMO foods are NOT harmful. We should use science to improve life.

Anti-GMO camps are lying to you… and themselves. Their selective application of data is dangerous.

GMO foods are safer than non-GMO and better for sustainability.

It’s ironic (and sad – like Donald Trump’s tweets level of sad) that anti-GMO campers spend so much time and money fighting things (science and food) that are good for people and the environment when they claim to be environmental advocates who care about “the little guy and gal.”

Everyone’s current favorite scientist, Neil deGrasse Tyson, slams anti-GMO argument.

Millions of people will die if we stop GMOs.

People die. That’s the natural course and nature has many ways for us to die, including through our food.

But humans CAN be very smart by finding ways to protect and prolong human life.

What would the world without GMOs look like? Well, not a pretty world.

If you value human life and want us to thrive, we need GMO crops.

So, while you might be able to afford shopping at Whole Foods (“whole paycheck”) and their $6 asparagus water, most people cannot.

By trying to eliminate GMOs, you are effectively trying to eliminate food from the mouths of the poor and most of the people around the world without means.

Thus, being anti-GMO is morally wrong. We must protect life.