The Big Bang Theory is exactly that: theory.

Meaning: not proven. And in this case: unprovable.

So, the Pope is wrong. For some reason, people on my FB feed were sharing this recently which is why I’m addressing it.

Nobody was there when the earth started and we don’t have written record of it. Nobody knows or can know the beginning or the end of time. So there’s really no point in telling anybody they’re wrong for believing in Creationism or the Big Bang. Both are unprovable. Both are simply guesses at how it all began.

Do everyone a favor and don’t act like you’re right about something unprovable and spew hate for people who disagree with you. We have a lot more real issues we can tackle that have an actual affect on people’s lives. Not this drivel.

Besides: I can shoot holes in the Big Bang all day. Crystals? Where did they come from? Explosion? Of what? What particles? Where did the particles come from? You see? Endless loop. The exact same as Creation when you get to “How did God get there?”

The answer is: Humans don’t know. Nor can they know. It’s beyond our comprehension. So fucking drop it. Let’s move on. Neither of you is right. Neither of you is necessarily wrong.

If you’re going to teach kids anything in school about the beginning of time, you should be required to make a disclaimer that none of it is proven or provable. So it’s all just a guess.

Like rolling a dice. While blind. And telling everyone it is a certain number. With absolute certainty. While still not knowing. And not being able to know. But telling everyone they’re wrong/stupid/going to hell for disagreeing with you. When they’re also blind.

Kind of a dumb exercise. Please go work on something that matters. Thanks.