It’s time we breakup. The United States is too divided and too big to govern as one entity.

With a breakup of the US, we could create a bunch of new constitutions: one for the EU-style loose governance of the nation-states and a new constitution in each newly formed nation state.

This would give a lot more freedom and power to the people and remove it from the federal government.

The new nation states would be competing with each other for best business climate and quality of life for residents.


The federal government of the New United Nation States (NUNS) would have five priorities:

1) implementing a single-payer healthcare paid by sin taxes (including on legalized marijuana and gambling) and estate taxes (raised to 90% after $3M exemption) plus tariffs

2) building an effective high-speed rail (HSR) infrastructure within 5 years

3) recycling and selling our nuclear waste to power the world on zero emissions energy for the next 70 years and $7.1T to fund…

4) Universal Basic Income paid by higher capital gains tax, corporate taxes (raise to 60% on corporations and 30% on all other businesses – flat tax to eliminate loopholes) and the above

5) remaining the top military in the world on half our current budget (cap spending at $350B annually) while selling our old military assets to allies for debt relief



The NUNS would break the states into manageable sizes (populations of no more than 40M people)

1 – California (~37M) = Republic of California

2 – Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada (~17M) = Western States of America

3 – Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana (~18M) = Mountain West States of America

4 – Texas (~25M) = Republic of Texas

5 – Oklahoma, Kansas, Iowa, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Minnesota, Arkansas (~25M) = Central States of America

6 – Florida, Georgia, South Carolina (~32M) = South Atlantic States of America

7 – Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky (~27M) = Southeastern States of America

8 – Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana (~35M) = Great Lakes States of America

9 – Ohio, Pennsylvania (~24M) = Great OP States of America

10 – North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia, Maryland, Delaware (~26M) = Mid Atlantic States of America

11 – New York, New Jersey (~28M) = Great New States of America

12 – Connecticut, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island (~18M) = North Atlantic States of America


This splits along personality and political leanings as well, which should cause fewer problems. People who want to get out of where they live could be given a free ticket on the new HSR to move wherever they want to go.

It’s important to also consider economic trends and strategy as noted by the new map for America by the NY Times.

We can create a new American Dream. And we need to because the old one is long dead.