The label says “America” now, so let’s look at what it is to be an American beverage.

For starters, Budweiser isn’t even owned by Americans. A Belgian mega-corporation owns it.

From stalwarts such as Samuel Adams and Yuengling to new comers Dogfish Head and Stone Brewing, you can find great brews that are as delicious as they are American.

With craft brewing becoming insanely popular in the States – we currently have more craft breweries than we’ve ever had – there’s no (good) reason to keep drinking the watery corporate beers.

If you’re drinking to get drunk – whiskey will do that much quicker. And cheaper. I recently bought a 750ml handle of Rebel Yell at Trader Joe’s for under $12. TWELVE DOLLARS! That’s the price of an 18 pack of watered-down garbage beer. And it should last you a few nights of getting pretty drunk.

Obviously there’s a lot of whiskey and bourbon from the United States – Tennessee and Kentucky practically only make those things.

Dark drinks not your thing? American potato vodka is incredible. Most people have heard of Tito’s. Don’t miss Blue Ice. It’s a super smooth vodka distilled in Idaho.

Drink better stuff. Drink well-crafted American beverages. Help the US economy. We’re all better for it.