The Clinton campaign recently asked, “are we going to vote for a better future”?

Well, honestly, our votes don’t matter much (if at all) but even if they did – a better future is up to US, the people, not a politician (see: liar).

The real question is: WILL we come together regardless of who “wins” the election to CREATE a better future for ourselves?

I’ve bought Chick-fil-A, though I adamantly disagree with the CEO’s stance on same-sex marriage.

I’ve bought Starbucks, though I adamantly disagree with their CEO’s stance on Hillary Clinton.

And I will continue to buy those products because they are good products.

I’m actually open-minded. Many people who claim open-mindedness are not. They are open to people living politically correct ways, but not thinking/speaking in politically incorrect ways. Which is the definition of hypocrisy.

But Jesus had dinner with hypocrites. So I will to. I’m not even religious, but that dude gave some great life lessons with his wisdom.

I hope this election brings people to the truth: that we need each other, not politicians.

We need to love and care for each other. We need to rally together and help the hurting amongst us. We need to push each other to be better. We don’t need a government telling us what to do.

We have to be able to put down our arms and hug the people different from ourselves.

Take a real stand. Be the bigger person (I know you like your moral high horse). Don’t be petty. Don’t bicker. Don’t name-call.

Let’s join together to solve the challenges that we face. Because those things won’t get fixed by a politician in an oversized house on a far away hill. While the media focuses on a couple people on an expensive stage, let’s remember the focus needs to be a lot closer to home.

Change for better happens with us. Within us. And with our interactions with our fellow humans in our communities. We’re all stuck with each other, for better or worse.

We might as well work together for a better world for all.