In a glorious event Friday, Fidel Castro, 90, stopped breathing. The cause of death was smoking Cuban cigars for 83 years.

Many in Miami are celebrating his passing and will likely continue the party for days. We should all be celebrating with our Cuban-American friends. November 25 should become Cuban-American Freedom Day, if President Obama makes the decree.

But Cubans can’t celebrate because the guy perennially ranked in the Top 3 of “Worst Person Alive” polls, left his brother in charge. And little Castro isn’t much better. So, the Cubans will have to wait a few more years before celebrating.

Let’s have a moment of silence for the Cubans who can’t celebrate.

Now back to partying!

In a new poll, released this morning, Kim Jong-un has taken the top spot of “Worst Person Alive.” The voting was unanimous.

The tyrant ruler of North Korea refused to comment, but it was clear from his facial expressions he was equal parts happy and sad. According to sources, Jong-un loves trophies, Katy Perry songs and being the best, but hates the word “worst.”

It’s unclear whether or not he will announce his claim to fame to his North Korean subjects, who have no access to any information he doesn’t want them to have.

We’ll check back to see if there’s a parade for the new “King of the Worst.”