Most people watch a lot of television.

Most people complain about not having money or time for activities that would improve their quality of life.

There’s a solution: cut cable to save money and time!

Let’s say you have a cable package that costs you $100/month.

If you cut cable to save money, you could reallocate that $100/month like this: $30 for gym membership, $50 for a massage, $10 for Hulu and $10 for Netflix.

Without cable, you won’t feel the need to just turn the tv on and “zone out” for 3-5 hours.

You could spend 1 hour exercising and stretching, 1 hour cooking and 1 hour on House of Cards (eating would happen in that 3-hour time block too).

And if you watch TV before bed, replace that habit with reading. It’s better for your brain and body.

Here’s a list of books you could start reading. When you’re done with those, move to these 10 awesome books.

If you need coaching, I can refer you to someone. If you don’t like her style, find a coach that would be right for you.

There’s some great added benefits of reallocating your time and money from cable television to the activities I listed above. Let’s take a look at the benefits you receive if you cut cable to save money and time:


1 – You will look and feel better

If you exercise 5 days per week and cook healthy meals instead of getting takeout or microwave dinners, I guarantee you will look better (add muscle, lose fat). And when you look better, you will feel better about yourself. You’ll be more confident. Confidence will make you better at things. Being good at things will make you happier.

Exercise helps destress (1). Massages really destress (2). Stress wrecks your mind and body (3). By exercising and getting monthly massages, you improve your physical and mental functioning.

It’s a positive loop! Plus, your body just feels so much better when it’s fueled by meat and veggies instead of processed sugars.


2 – You will have a better love life

If you’re in a relationship, you will have more sex. When the two of you decide to stop just melting into the couch and live healthier – especially if you do the exercising and/or cooking together – you will want to have more sex. So you will and your relationship will improve. It’s science.

If you’re single, you will become more attractive. Aside from getting better looking, you’ll be happier and more confident – both of which are super attractive qualities. Being attractive gets you more dates. Getting more dates will likely increase the amount of sex you have. Sex is healthy.

Both involve more communication, which is key to relationships. Consume (tv) less, communicate more.


3 – You will be smarter

Your brain works better on a healthy diet, plenty of water and exercise. Again, science. Plus, if you spend that time reading instead of being spoon-fed garbage from talking heads or consuming mindless “entertainment” – you will get smarter too.


4 – You will be more productive

When you are healthy and happy, you are more productive. You know it… science. And when you are more productive, you are probably able to command higher compensation. Or work less hours and spend that extra time with the people you love. Both of which would probably make you happier… You see where I’m going with this. Positive loop.


It’s time to cut cable to save money so you can be healthier, happier and enjoy life more!