Developers should focus on Android.

Most apps launch on iOS first though. Some never make it to Android.

That’s mostly because all the Silicon Valley kids have iPhones.

They build for themselves and their friends – rich kids who can afford iPhones that cost over $700!

Interestingly, 80+% of smartphone owners use Android though. That number is rising. And for a company wanting to expand internationally – those markets are almost exclusively Android markets.

So, developers should focus on Android for the market size and international opportunities.

iPhones stopped innovating.

The OnePlus 3 has roughly same specs as iPhone 7 Plus… but it’s half the price.

Why spend $900 on the new iPhone when you could get the same specs for $400 with the OP3?

Android keeps innovating. Google moves the needle. Apple doesn’t anymore. It goes beyond the phones too.

Macbook in 2017 versus new Chromebooks. Samsung, Acer and Asus have ChromeOS devices that are as powerful and as useful as a MacBook while being as portable and versatile as an iPad Pro, while being less expensive.

You can get a new Chromebook AND the OP3 for $900 or you could get the iPhone 7 Plus. Then spend another $1500 for the new MacBook that isn’t touchscreen. Then spend another $800 on an iPad.

WTF?! Stop buying Apple’s stuff. It’s not cool anymore. They aren’t the only ones with good design. Others boast the best performance specs. They aren’t the most creative. Nor are they the most useful.

Apple is flopping. Innovation at the company is dead. The tyranny of Jobs lives on without his design innovation abilities.

Time to make the shift to Google, boys and girls.

I’ll be unloading my 2014 Macbook for a new Chromebook in the near future. I just got the OP3 and it’s amazing!

Join me. And in Google’s own words (slogan): Be together. Not the same.