I ask myself: Do I really need a cell phone?

I’m on the phone most days. You’re reading this on your phone now, aren’t you?

But do I really need a cell phone? Yes.

Do I really need a cell phone carrier (see: expensive bill)? Probably NO.

The mini-computers we cram into our pockets run quite well on Wifi, which is almost everywhere.

You have internet at home, right? You have internet at the office or co-work space, right?

Almost every coffee shop and food place has wifi now. It’s ubiquitous, not an attractive feature today.

Having wifi used to make your shop stand out from others.

In 2017, not having wifi makes your business stand out… and not in a good way.

In major cities, ISPs (Comcast, TWC/Charter, etc) are rolling out wifi hot spots where you can access wifi on their network as a customer.

Apps run on wifi. There are messaging apps. Plenty of them. Most of them let you call people.

Hell, you can call people on FB now. And everyone is on Facebook.

Why do you need a phone number?

If you do… Google Voice or other free apps will give you one.

Can’t lose the number you have? Adamant about keeping regular texts/calls?

The People’s Operator (TPO Mobile). You get unlimited texts and 1000 minutes per month for under $20/month. Keep your number and keep your phone.

No contracts. Just solutions. And they give 10% of your bill to a charity of your choice (from their list)!

It’s time to ditch AT&T and Verizon with their exorbitant prices for something that doesn’t cost much anymore. Even cut out Sprint or T-Mobile, though I do appreciate them for fighting the blue and red monsters of the industry.

How much do you spend on that bill? $60/month just for you? $140/month (T-Mobile) for your family? $180 (Verizon)?

Here’s what you do with the money you save:

Get faster internet at home. You can get 300mbps for about $60/month (link to Xfinity service with $100 gift card from Amazon).

If you’re currently on AT&T… leave them. Their internet is overpriced and slow and garbage. Get Comcast or whoever is your local ISP monopoly provider.

Does their customer service suck? Yes. Does their internet work? Most of the time. Is it fast? Most of the time.

If you’re already spending $40/month on the internet, it’s only about $20/month extra to get WAY faster speeds at home.

Cut the other cord too. Use streaming services. Save a ton of money. Get healthy. Feel better.

When you feel better, you’ll worry less and your body will work better. You’ll look better too. Which will make you more attractive. Which will get you more action. You’re welcome.

I just took ditching your cell phone service to getting you laid. I’m a magician.

So, do I really need a cell phone? Yes, but I do not need that egregious cell phone bill.