Rape culture is real. This is particularly obvious on college campuses.

Now obviously there’s a big difference in American Rape Culture, which tolerates rape and blames victims, and the extreme brutality of rape by Soviets to German women after WWII.

Brock Turner didn’t get released after 3 months because he’s white – he got released because he’s rich and an athlete at a big school.

The white dude at Vanderbilt didn’t get to walk free because of his skin color. He was just the enabler of the gang rape and he’s been sentenced to the same amount of time as the racist rapist who committed heinous acts of violence and degradation to a young woman.

We have a culture of rape because we protect the guilty, try to explain it away or try to lockup a guy for exposing a coverup.

Are there false rape claims? Absolutely. Duke lacrosse, for example. Should those people making false claims be severely punished? Definitely. Like large portion of wages garnished to repay the falsely accused because his life is forever hindered by that false accusation.

Does that mean we don’t have a culture of rape? No, it does not.

Our large institutions literally tell young women not to report a rape when the guilty party is a football player.


Our love of football has grown so much we allow the players of the sport to get away with rape over and over again. Just so we can watch them run and throw a ball and smash into each other.

You know, I don’t feel sorry for football players one bit. Concussions. Who cares? You knew the risks. And they are pampered in every way once they reach college level, so that is part of the price you pay to play.

Now, we as a society have to decide if this is worth it. Are the costs worth the “rewards?”

I say no. Football institutions do not care about violence to women. And society seems ok with it. But not ok with violence against dogs. Weird.

Hockey players? Lacrosse (other than Duke – again, found innocent) players? Rugby players? I haven’t heard of any cases.

Many years ago, I was given advice that I think all would do well to heed, “If a [college/pro] football player is in the room you’re in, you need to leave immediately.”

Maybe it’s time we found another sport to become our national pastime. Because we’ve allowed football to rape our society. It’s time we end it.