Limiting free speech and getting people with different opinions banned from your area/campus/whatever is the problem.

Think about the 2016 debates. What you’re saying is that instead of having a debate, you just want one person’s opinion. So… go to that person’s speech. Then you don’t have to contend with other voices that might say something different than your currently held beliefs. Instead of adding third parties like Gary Johnson and Jill Stein, who have valuable opinions and insight – you want just your preference of the tyrannical malaise that is the Republicrats.

And you can just believe whatever comes out of their mouth as the truth (it isn’t). Or you could open you ears and mind to something different. It may be a little uncomfortable. Especially since you’ll have to be aware of your own confirmation bias and suppress that. Then you’ll have to seriously consider what things would be like if the other view was truer than the one you’ve held.

Pain leads to growth. You don’t grow any muscle by not using it – applying force greater than before – and the brain is no different. Society will never grow if we don’t apply greater force than ever. We will be stagnant at best. Complacency is not the way to win.

You can resist change all you want, but it will happen. Change is inevitable. It’s our job to guide the change to a better future than a dystopian one.