Where to Get a Good Cheap Mattress

You spend 1/4 to 1/3 of your life on your mattress. It’s probably worth getting a good one.

Sleep is vitally important for your health. Good sleep improves your life in many ways.

Those are topics for other posts, obviously. I just wanted to remind you why the mattress purchase shouldn’t be a careless buying decision.

But most people don’t know where to get a good, cheap mattress.

How do I know that? There’s still a ton of mattress stores that aren’t out of business.

They overcharge for the mattress to pay for their showroom and high-pressure sales people’s salaries.

So you have two really good options to find a good cheap mattress:

Option 1 – Buy from Amazon

This is perfect for the person who would spend $400-$1200 on a mattress at a store like Mattress King.

Because buying on Amazon means you aren’t paying for a salesperson’s salary or a showroom, you get a higher quality mattress for less money.

Like me: I spent the most of the last 4 years on a memory foam queen mattress from Amazon.com for under $300. It was amazing. Spend that couple extra hundred bucks however you please. Pay off your debt. Get a massage pillow and foot massager. Get Amazon Prime for free shipping, movies, music and more!


Option 2 – Buy a Casper mattress

This is for the people looking for super high quality. People who want a top of the line mattress and are willing to spend north of $2000 for great sleep.

Get the highest quality for way less. Buy a Casper mattress. Save a couple grand. Pay your mortgage. Get a new laptop. Upgrade your wardrobe and give your old stuff to charity. Get a tax deduction. Use the tax savings to buy nice liquor and host a dinner party to cheer everyone up following another depressing tax day.

Casper’s queen mattress is only $850. King is $950. It would be $3000, at least, on a mattress store floor.


Those are the quickest routes to finding a good cheap mattress. I hope that helps improve your life!