How much of the good smells should you spritz on yourself? It’s a great question.

Short answer: one shot. Straight to the base of your neck between your collar bones. Immediately after your shower.

Long answer:

Nobody likes that person you can smell from the other side of the street, much less the other side of the room.

Look, women are attracted to scents. But she’s subconsciously attracted to your natural scent. It’s weird. But it’s how we’re wired. And it could be the reason that girl bailed on you after one date though you thought things went well – she wasn’t attracted to your scent. It’s not that something is wrong with you (unless you didn’t shower or wear clean clothes). Don’t dwell on her. Find someone who is attracted to the musk of yours.

The answer to that does NOT lie in using the AXE method where you spray under both pits, an x across your chest, a stripe down your torso, a shot down the back of your shirt and one final shot directly to the taint to polish it off. NEVER.

Even if you are in high school. Don’t ever spray that much on yourself. I did. Once. My parents chewed me out. They, and my classmates, were repulsed by how pungent I was. Never again.

Also, if you’re still using AXE or any other body spray like it and you have graduated college, stop immediately. Give that to the next homeless man you see and buy a cologne for men on Amazon. It’s cheaper than the department stores and the exact same thing.

Don’t water it down, just use less.

I’m not going to tell you which cologne to get – that’s all you. Pick whatever you like. Maybe one that fits your personality.

But don’t mix it with strong scented body washes or deodorants either (again, AXE, Old Spice, etc).

While we’re on the subject, don’t use anti-perspirants. Your body is meant to sweat. Let it.

Deodorant is fine. Don’t go too strong with that either.

This girl I’ve been seeing loves how I smell. It’s one of her favorite things about me. She keeps saying I have “that sexy man smell”… I don’t even use deodorant (unless I’m about to play sports or exercise). She’s said it to me when I’ve had the cologne on, and when I haven’t.

This goes back to women being attracted to your natural musk (pheromones).

I use Every Man Jack body wash (Sandalwood, for what it’s worth, and buy it from Target – it’s cheaper there than Amazon). And one shot of Nautica Blue to the chest after showering.

Guys, don’t repel women (and men) because you bathed in cologne (or worse – body spray). The only people who should be able to smell you should be the ones within arms distance. Preferably being embraced by you.