How to be More Productive

There are roughly a million productivity apps.

Seriously. Why are there so many damn productivity tracking apps?!

Is it because that’s the easiest thing for a developer to make after building a to-do list app? Build something else!

And why are almost all of them only on iOS? Has nobody in tech world realized that 80% of the smartphone market is on Android? Blue ocean, guys. Blue fucking ocean.

All the teams working on productivity apps should merge into just a couple teams, make an Android version for once and combine all those feature sets. The rest of the developers could get together and tackle a different problem.

Do you want to know how to be more productive in 2017?

Stop reading so many articles on productivity. Even the ones I’ve written.

Stop downloading new apps every month to boost productivity.

Just start the activity. Whatever it is. You’re ready.

Write your goals for the week down. Move towards that goal. Every. Single. Day.

Write that blog. Sing that song. Build that site. Start that podcast. Lift those weights. Run that mile. Cook your meal. Just get started!

There are two steps to running a marathon: Step 1 – start running. Step 2 – don’t stop running. – Barney Stinson

Take action

Trust me, I know procrastination. And I know excuses. And I know inaction. And thinking about stuff endlessly without just acting on those thoughts and iterating as things/problems arise.

Get an accountability partner. Together you’ll figure out how to be more productive. It’ll be perfect!

Tell each other what you want to accomplish for the week. Check in with that person.

I saw an app built around exactly that for $15/week. That’s $60/month. For a stranger to tell you to quit slacking.

Ask a close friend to be your accountability partner and use that $60 on SuperPowers Coffee from RAWdeo Drive.

Now you’ll have superpowers to make you more productive. You’re welcome.

I drink that stuff daily. It’s incredible!

Use a calendar app with alarms. Time-box your activities. I’ve found

Mental toughness and a little discipline go a long way when it comes to achieving your goals.

I would know, I’ve failed a lot of times.

It also helps to be healthy. Healthy people know how to be more productive.

Healthy people are more productive. So, eat clean and exercise.



You can do this! Get after it. Dive in and you’ll find the momentum intoxicating.

Living healthily and keeping an accountability buddy will increase your productivity and odds of success!