I recently read the article in the May issue of GQ on Hosting. It was very helpful.

A lot of people would rather have a small gathering in a comfortable setting than be out in a crowded venue where you can’t hear the people talk because obnoxious music is blaring.

I’ve already covered why we should have more house parties.

People need to know the steps on how to host a small house party.

Depending on your age bracket, you may or may not be interested in having dinner.

If you’re going to have dinner…

1 – You cook

It’s easier than trying to coordinate what everyone is going to bring and hope that all the food matches and there aren’t duplicates.

As GQ mentions – cook before everyone gets there. The party is for entertaining, not cooking. Also, skip dessert.

If you can’t fund the whole party: Have everyone BYOB. Or charge $10 for the night. Ten dollars per guest is the price of one drink in LA/NY or two drinks anywhere else in the US.

Your guests get fed a delicious meal and unlimited drinks (make sure to offer your place or force everyone to take a Lyft/Uber). You get the night paid for. It’s win-win.

Also depending on your age and availability of a dishwasher, you may want to…

2 – Use plasticware

There’s no shame. It’s easy clean up. Is plastic wasteful? Sure. But we’re getting better at recycling it.

Plus, no worries of broken glass injuring someone.

Get your plasticware in advance on Amazon. If you didn’t already have a cook set, now would be the time to get that. Maybe that Foreman Grill too. Separate fridge?

3 – Recycle

Being green is awesome. Recycle what you can. Don’t worry about what you can’t.

Make sure you are explicit about which stuff goes where before the party starts. Otherwise things will get confusing.

4 – Play Music

Set the tone. Not that one. It needs to be low-key, but still audible.

Get a great Bluetooth speaker. They’re not expensive and totally worth it.

5 – Mood Lighting

Lamps and candles are excellent for parties. Nothing harsh.

A light with a dimmer is better.

6 – The Beverages

Have some pre-made cocktails. Gin and tonic. Vodka and soda. Whiskey and water. Rum and Coconut water.

Put them in giant jugs or barrels with a spout. Make it a hipster bar in your apartment!


There you have it. The 6 Steps on How to Host a Small House Party.