Passwords are a tricky beast. How are you supposed to keep up with all of the passwords you have to remember? LastPass. That’s how.

But still, you need to write good passwords that won’t get easily hacked. Like these terrible, I can’t even call them attempts, passwords.

So, I was shown this great comic strip on the science of passwords.

Then this great site: How Strong Is My Password?

FYI: the password “johnnywhitfieldisasexybeast” would take a computer a sextillion years to hack. Boom. You’re welcome.


Seriously. I don’t really need to continue. But I’ll distill it for the people too lazy to click the links:

Use a string of words that don’t make a sentence. Capitalize a letter. If they make you use a number, slap one on the end. If they make you use a symbol, start with one.

You’ll be able to remember: horsespoonflashlight9 pretty easily. It’s weird and makes no sense. But a computer hacking tool would take 3 quadrillion years to hack that. Hackers gonna hate (you).


Of course all of this will be rendered pretty useless when we start using biometrics. Fingerprint scanners are already here. Get ready for stage 2: retina scanners and your heart rhythm (if this thing ever releases). The future of no passwords looks pretty cool. Until then, be smart about your passwords.