We should really lighten up on each other.

We have such high expectations and demands of people and get super frustrated easily.

We get so mad at each other when something doesn’t go exactly as we wanted, even when we didn’t communicate that expectation.

It seems like everyone takes things way too personal (Four Agreements – read it).

Like, don’t do that. You’re just going to stress yourself out and be angry, neither of which are good.

And most people make decisions based exclusively on themselves, so you factored in the decision little to none.

Maybe it’s all my scars or the times I’ve been burned, but I lowered my expectations of other people so much, I’m basically Vince Vaughn’s character in Dodgeball: “I find that when you have no goals, you’re never disappointed.” Except I do make goals, I just replace that word with ‘expectations’ to make it work.

Don’t get hung up on old shit. Old flames burned out for a reason. Let that stay dead. Nobody needs extra skeletons walking around. That’s weird.

You had a good time with that person (I hope), but you will find another. Another person capable of making you happier than you are by yourself. Another person you enjoy spending time with regardless the location.

Love yourself. Believe in yourself.

I believe in you. You can do this.

Let’s spread love. Make love, not war.

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