The NFL and all businesses run on money.

Stadiums shouldn’t be subsidized by tax payers. Billionaires getting a free stadium on citizens’ dime is awful. My parents are still mad at the Titans for that. Glad they lost the Super Bowl too.

Now the Chargers move to LA… where Rams’ owner Kroenke is plopping his own money on a massive stadium.

Good for him. No tax money for it.

Chargers’ owner Spanos sucks for trying to swindle tax payers for money on a new stadium when he made $2.5 BILLION on the team’s tenure in SD. So, I’m not a Chargers fan. I’m a Rams fan.

But this is good. It may also be the end.┬áIt’s the end of an era.

Everyone knows how I feel about college football (TL;DR => hate it).

What I like about the NFL: it’s a business and doesn’t try to pretend it’s anything else. It’s the best of the best at the game. There are other reasons it has so much cultural power.

But I think the NFL has peaked.

For a variety of reasons. The Raiders will move to Vegas.

The Jaguars may move to London. What is this? Desperation.

NFL on Sunday, Monday, Thursday and sometimes Saturday. TOO MUCH.

The NFL spread too thin. Now it’s beginning to evaporate.

This is an unpopular opinion, but the NFL is going to fade. It’ll fall to NBA-level of popularity in about 10 years and maintain there.

I’m just hoping that lacrosse will rise to take a chunk of market share and popularity.