This was my response to a comment on my post about The Big Short and corruption, where the commenter said he didn’t understand why libertarian principles would lead to rule by corporations:

I can’t claim to be the authority on libertarian ideology, as it runs a gamut of ideas and many people who call themselves “libertarian” disagree. What you described is anarchy with capitalism. Anarchy and communism may sound nice sometimes, but neither are practical with the human condition.

But something to consider: isn’t our current government’s ever expanding police state looking more and more like the world you described? Only, instead of their own money – they use taxpayer money to do it? The federal government has a monopoly on force. And printing money. Scary combo.

I happen to consider myself a left-libertarian. And the principles are based in classical liberalism. I’m for “slim government.”

I want a universal basic income, single-payer healthcare and freer markets. There would still be rule of law. Those first two don’t discriminate like our current policies do. And obviously a free market doesn’t care about your background, ethnicity, orientation or whatever – is your idea/biz good? It’ll succeed.

More government involvement provides more opportunity for collusion with the corporations, as they have proven a propensity for doing exactly that.

I’d implement term limits and remove pensions for federal employees – it’s supposed to be civil service, not a get rich plan – to break the cycle of abuse. You want to get rich – go private sector.

As king*, I’d remove money from politics. No Super PACs, no corporate or union funding – only individuals.
I’d eliminate the tax code – flat corporate tax would end lobbying and corporations paying zero while getting special benefits.
I’d eliminate tax on labor (income tax) too.
Pay would be cut dramatically for politicians and federal employees.

There’s plenty more I would do differently, but it’ll all be in my next book*. And I would love to discuss much more in depth in person soon!

*my next book’s premise: I’m king. How do I fix the US?