You probably heard MTV had some New Year’s Resolutions for white men to “be better.”

Most people can’t get away with such disgusting over generalizations (a British bloke carves up the video). If anyone had done that about any other race/sex (the video from the black guy in that link is the best), they’d have to make their own 2017 NYR – “find a way to survive without a job or friends.”

So, here’s some 2017 resolutions for anyone trying to tell me how I need to act:

1 – Don’t tell me what to think, say or do.

2 – If you’re about to tell me what I should think, say or do, pause and do like the UN should do after getting a smack down from Black Bush (one of Dave’s best sketches ever):

Oh, MTV doesn’t like me? You know what they should do? Sanction me. Wait a minute. They don’t have an army (and soon won’t have any viewers). Guess that means they need to shut the fuck up. That’s what I’d do if I was a useless bag of smashed assholes like the people at MTV. SHUT THE FUCK UP!

People are individuals. Stop making absurd claims about entire groups of people based on something as simplistic as the color of their skin.

You PC Police and SJWs hate when anyone says, “Black people do…” or “Hispanics are like…” so STFU about “White Men need to do this…”

And STOP making everything X vs Y. Stop making everything into us vs them. Whatever us or them is.

You want to fix a lot of problems? Stop labeling people.

Seriously. It’s too much. We have all these fucking labels and it just pits us against people with different ones and the hate/animosity quickly follows.