I love playoff baseball. It’s so exciting. The atmosphere is amazing.

So much hangs on every pitch now.

And we’re down to the final 8 (in less than 48 hours it could be six).

If the Indians and Blue Jays face off in the ALCS, we’ll have a team in the World Series that hasn’t been in at least 19 years (last appearance for each team: Indians lost in ’97, Blue Jays won in ’93). That’s pretty cool.

If the Cubs beat the Giants, we’ll have an NL team that hasn’t been to the WS in at least 28 years regardless of who wins the other NLDS matchup. The Dodgers won in ’88 (the year I was born), the Cubs haven’t been since 1945 and the Nationals (formerly Montreal Expos) have never been!

That’s awesome. Who says you need a salary cap to make your league competitive? (Although I would prefer a cap… and other changes)

I mean, it would make sense to see two notoriously terrible teams meet in the World Series this year right before two notoriously terrible candidates go against each other in the election for president of the US.


Indians over Blue Jays in the ALCS.

Cubs over Dodgers in the NLCS.

Cubs over Indians in the World Series.