Pokemon Go is both a symptom and a driver of the way gaming and tech affect the economy.

This article has some awful ideas on how to fix the problems. He’s also misidentified the problem.

The world is doing great and getting better all the time.

Better ideas: let our creators create uninhibited. Install a Universal Basic Income.

Fund the UBI with a flat corporate tax. Not an income tax – which hurts the middle classes the most, and is in fact modern day serfdom (the government owns about a third of what you produce).

Pokemon Go, and many other tech advancements, will (deservedly) grow the incomes of the creators and developers. It’s also an opportunity for people smart enough to catch onto the wave and ride it to success.

If you find yourself left out of the rising tide, learn new skills, get better and earn more.

Or just take the UBI. That we need. Now.

In the meantime, download AirFive, meet new people for coffee or tea and play Pokemon with your new friends.

This topic is really at an intersection of a lot of things that each deserve their own posts. You can’t address one thing in isolation. Nothing exists in a vacuum – so we have to think about the ripple effects of our actions in each arena.

It’s probably best to have coffee with someone and talk about it in person instead of shouting at people on the internet.