Batteries are getting better.

They’ll soon hold more energy longer periods of time, rapidly dropping the cost of energy.

Wind power is illogical in many cases. Hydro can really mess up aquatic life systems, so that’s not viable for an ecologically responsible perspective.

Coal and oil must die.

Natural gas can be used as cheap reserves. Hydrogen powered cars and airships will help.

But we’re going to need to lean heavily on two kinds of power: solar and nuclear.

Solar is getting cheaper by the week. It’s also getting more efficient.

Nuclear is the cleanest and most powerful. We’ve also found an endless supply that can be tapped: the ocean.

The arguments against nuclear are rooted in fear and propaganda. Here’s a little truth you probably didn’t know about nuclear:

We can recycle nuclear waste instead of living potentially super harmful material buried underground.

That’s right. And the US has enough nuclear waste that could be recycled to power our grid for about 80 years.

With creating more nuclear power, we could stretch this to probably 150 years. That’s longer than anyone reading this (the month I publish it) will live.

It buys us generations to figure out what to do next.

Also, nuclear is super safe. Oh 3 Mile Island? That was 30 years ago. Fukushima? Those idiots built the nuclear plant on a fault line by the ocean. That was a natural disaster-turned man-made disaster waiting to happen.

Granted, Japan doesn’t have much of a choice if they want to be energy independent, but we could trade them energy for PlayStations and Sony Home Theatre Systems.

Simple solution: build nuclear facilities in very rural areas away from fault lines and the ocean. Protect against tornadoes.

Export our energy surplus to eliminate our deficit spending and help the world have cleaner power.

We also found a way to turn all that CO2 in the air into ethanol. So that can power cars and trucks until they all get converted to electrical.

We definitely need to implement that immediately.

The only reason we don’t have this stuff is because the government is in bed with their corporate friends who have vested interests in oil, coal and the way things are. They don’t want to change and evolve because they won’t be able to compete.

It’s time we forced adaptation to the times. It means making government get out of the way and encouraging private companies to rake in profit by pushing us to a super clean, renewable powered world.