Aristocrats. Republicans. Democrats.

The political elite have power. They wield that power to rule over us. They use the media to divide us.

They censor us. Suppress our voices. Pit us against each other over trivial issues so we don’t rally together to fight the powers that be (them).

It’s time we wake up and take our country back. This isn’t about “Make America Great Again.” It’s not about voting for a woman to be progressive. It’s not about sitting or kneeling at the national anthem.

It’s about ending the bipartisan spending and killing spree that has gone on for ages. And the people of America haven’t done anything to stop it.

We’re so far in debt now that China could own the US for a long time.

We still bomb, invade, drone strike, and deploy democracy to other countries against their will. It’s basically nation rape. Which our country seems fairly hell bent on raping its way to the top.

I’m so tired of hearing Democrats talk shit about Republicans spending on military or lying or cheating. I’m so tired of hearing Republicans talk shit about Democrats spending money on failed programs or lying or cheating. They all do the exact same stuff! How have we not seen this for decades and stopped them?

Every single president spent more money than the one before him and created more debt since the Federal Reserve was created in 1913.

They had the support of Congress the whole way, whether it aligned more towards their “party” or not.

The entire thing is a scam. And we are the victims.

If you speak against them, they will suppress your voice. If you lash out against them, they will strike you down. It’s not pretty.

But if we all band together and demand that the violence stop, we will get our way. Our government was supposed to be by the people and for the people. It is now neither of those things.

It’s by the elites, for the elites. The super rich get super richer. The poor get poorer. That’s not capitalism. We’ve never had capitalism. So don’t naively bash that. We have corporatism. Know the difference. It matters.

Capitalism can lift people out of poverty. Corporatism keeps the well-connected nestled above the rest of us forever.

It’s time this stops. Bernie Sanders talked about a lot of the problems. He shook a bunch of you from your deep slumber. And I’m thankful for that. Ron Paul shook a bunch of people back in 2008 and again in 2012. He paved the way for Sanders to take a national stage with the issues.

While we may disagree on solutions (and I disagree with most of Sanders’), we can agree on the enemy – the largess of the federal government.

Let’s turn things around. We can do this. But we have to do this together. And that means white with black. Democrat voter with Republican voter. Lay down your labels and come together with love and peace and let’s find a way that we all prosper.

Hint: it involves taking the power back from the federal government and national “news” media.