How can you save money on your smartphone? Get a smartphone with a microSD slot.

That way you can expand the storage without having to upgrade the whole phone just for more/clean storage space.

And now that we’re getting wifi almost everywhere… you may not even need a phone service plan. Which means you can go contract-free and buy an unlocked phone for much less.

Buy a $400 phone from Asia that has more power than the $700 phone from Apple… which is also made in China.

Stop being a fanboy/fangirl – Apple isn’t the best. But they have you hooked.

Android is easy to learn and use. Android phones are less expensive with better specs. And they get updates from Google regularly.

Buy a tempered glass screen protector for $10-20 so when you inevitably drop your phone – you don’t break the phone’s glass, you just break the protector. That way your replacement is under $20 instead of $600.

Get Sprint/T-Mobile so you can be contract free and get more data for less money. Be on a family plan. With friends if you have to – so it’s $30/month per person instead of $50+/month.

Use that $20 extra per month on Netflix and at least one book per month – including mine to get you started.