This was originally published by me on Medium in September 2018.

Nuclear power is the solution for the United States.

It will allow us to be energy independent on renewable, zero-emission energy.

We can end the need for offshore drilling and importing of oil at the same time. We could end the need for coal as well. It’s time to move away from dirty energy sources.

The people who seem scared of nuclear seem to be perfect candidates for being pro-nuclear: a) they’re very concerned about the environment and b) they want to emulate Europe on many things… so why not on nuclear power?

France gets more than three-quarters of their energy from nuclear. We could too.

The biggest thing in the way is outdated government rules created by Jimmy Carter. Let’s remove those barriers to entry for nuclear reprocessing and start a clean energy revolution!

We should reprocess nuclear waste instead of burying it. That would power our thirsty grid with cheaper, cleaner energy. The reprocessing saves up to 95% of waste materials while it also reduces radioactivity by 90%.

Until we stop using coal and natural gas, which currently provide 50% of our energy, those EVs aren’t cleaner than their gasoline powered counterparts.

Nuclear power is the path towards saving the planet and reducing our energy costs at the same time.