I was looking for calories of the veggie omelet I just ate and saw this “loaded veggie omelet” from Denny’s clocking in at 600 calories.

I thought that seemed a bit high, so I went through my meal prep and broke it down.

I had 4 eggs instead of 3 (cost: $1) – which bumps up my protein and fat calories.

I have spinach and mushrooms too, but I swapped onions, bell peppers and a small jalapeno pepper for the tomatoes, squash and cheese (I’m mildly lactose intolerant – get acne, upset stomach – and you might be better reducing dairy intake too). I figure the calories are actually a little less here because I took out cheese – so this balances out my¬†extra egg. The veggies ran me a total of under $2.

I use coconut oil instead of whatever they use, I suspect the calories are about the same but the coconut oil is a healthier choice.

Then I realized all the carbs in theirs is from the hashbrowns. And toast if you add that (to bump over 800 calories as well).

I subbed blueberries for hashbrowns – healthier carbs loaded with anti-oxidants. I ate half the small pack from Ralph’s (~$1.50 worth).

So for under $5, I had a bomb breakfast. At Denny’s (or any breakfast joint) this will run you $8 minimum. Plus tip (since we still do that in the US).

If you drink coffee like me – that’s where you save a lot more: $2 for a coffee at the restaurant, but under 50 cents for coffee at home.

What the total bills look like: Home $6 vs Restaurant $12

That adds up. Do that once – you can buy my books: AMPN and H2LFAIP. Or get a latte at a local coffee shop with someone you’re connecting with through AirFive.

Do that twice per week and you can afford a gym membership (~$30/mo) in addition to the books and lattes.

And that it’s healthier will help you lose weight too. It’s win-win-win.