Black Friday hit a record $3 Billion in sales this year.

But there’s an alternative movement – #OptOutside, getting people to not be consumerist drones and spend time together (or alone) outdoors (or just not shopping).

So why am I predicting the fall of Black Friday?

It’s hard to buy things when you have no purchasing power.

When we don’t have jobs and the economy has crashed again, how will we buy the things we need, much less want?

A UBI redirects corporate profits to the people who buy corporate goods.

Without it, people won’t be enjoying consumer goods much longer. They might not be able to make rent and buy food, so it’ll be hard to justify buying a new TV and a gaming system.

No more trampling people to get a toy. We’ll be in line for food. Like Soviet Russia if we don’t start planning for this now.

It doesn’t have to be like this of course. We need to end corporate greed. Couple of tenants we must all agree upon:

1 – corporations are not people and do not have rights

2 – corporations are for the benefit of people, not the other way around

3 – corporations ultimate goal should be to improve the quality of life for people through their products, services and/or employment – not to increase shareholder wealth

If these corporations want the masses to keep buying products and keep the market lubed with money, they will have to start paying taxes to fund a basic income for citizens.

It really is that simple. And we need to act before this hits us and devastates millions of people.