What happened to America?

We used to be the land of free and home of brave. Now we have thought crimes and SJWs, who don’t know the meaning of justice. Or history. Or context. Or justice in historical context.

Being offended is now the greatest thing anyone can aspire to be.

What a fucking tragedy! Oh, did you need a trigger warning for strong language there? Fuck you.

The world isn’t candy coated. That’s good, because if it was, the fatties would’ve eaten us to doom already.

Life isn’t fair. It’s tough. People are biased. We shouldn’t try to control people’s thoughts. Or censor their words.

If you don’t like what someone says or thinks, you are free to not associate with them. You do not have a right to silence opinions different from yours.

Entitled millennials and over zealous white-guilt are causing a lot of problems for us.

If you didn’t do anything wrong, you shouldn’t feel guilty.

If you won the birth lottery and feel bad – give away all your possessions. Help whoever you want to help. Don’t force the government to take all the other white people’s possessions because YOU feel bad.

And Jesus! Take a fucking joke, people. Nothing is off limits. I repeat: NOTHING is off limits for comedy. Trying to censor comedy is the worst. It’s the last bastion of free speech we have. It’s the only solace for the politically incorrect.

This isn’t a micro-aggression. This is full-on aggression. I’m full aggro!

Fuck your political correctness and your offendedness. Oh – you have a PhD in Ethnic Studies? “You can take your P-h-D and shove it up your A-S-S!”

If we all just lightened the fuck up and cracked jokes at each other and learned to laugh shit off, we’d be in a better place.

My dad taught me a great lesson when I was getting bullied in school: you want them to stop making fun of you, beat them to the punch. You take away their power and their enjoyment in putting you down. Laugh at yourself. It’ll stop the bullies.

Being politically correct will never stop bullies. Take their power away. Fuck bullies. Laugh at yourself, then make fun of them. Boom. Problem solved.

One of the best lessons he ever taught me. It made me the hilarious man I am today. I got through that awful time in my life because I made fun of myself. Then, I started making fun of everyone and everything. And I got better at the jokes.

Now, I offend people constantly. It’s great. It’s a filter. I don’t want to hangout with a bunch of uptight assholes. I want to spend time with people who laugh at shit. People who have a spine. People who want the best for others but aren’t taking any of this too fucking seriously.

I encourage you to do the same. Fuck any one’s opinion – just doesn’t matter.

Be you. Laugh. Love. Live.