They were a Top 10 team. Talks of a championship game appearance.

The trophy was already theirs to lose. Then, the season happened.

They didn’t roll through easy opponents. They fell behind in most games they had no business making close.

They lost to average teams. They couldn’t play a whole game to their potential.

To top it off, after a disappointing season, right before the final game against a weak opponent who shouldn’t be considered a rival, the head coach calls his team “champions of life.”

How pathetic. They couldn’t win at their job. They floundered throughout the year because they weren’t giving their all – ever.

But they still get the congratulations from the coach and the pat on the ass saying “you’re a winner.”

No, you aren’t. And this is the epitome of entitled millennials horribly underperforming and being congratulated for it.

I’ve been saying it for a long time – they shouldn’t be getting pampered by the school. They should be getting paid – like the minor leagues of baseball. Because big college football is the minor leagues of the NFL.

And when you don’t perform, you are fired. Pack your bags; someone else will do your job now.

But we give them scholarships and claim that education is what matters and school pride and all of that bullshit. Those giant goons don’t care about education.

If you think they do (because you went to class with one who studied and tried – exception, not the rule) – they can pay for a college education with the money they make as minor league NFL players. Get an agent. Get a good salary. Play hard because your job and livelihood depend on it.

The root cause of the problem: hundreds of thousands of people blowing smoke up college football players’ asses and blowing them, proverbially or literally, all the damn time. The school caters to their every desire just for being a football player.

WTF? I thought college was about education. It’s not. It’s about administrative staffs making money on football teams. College is overrated. College football is a blight that needs to be scrubbed from campuses.

Less rape and sexual assault would be a nice bonus of removing the football teams from the campus.

But for any of this to end… you have to stop watching. Don’t go to the games. Turn off the television. Those games are four goddamn hours now! That’s absurd.

If you watch any games and claim you don’t have time to exercise – you are lazy and a liar. I’m calling you out because clearly, you need it.

Stop watching these games and read a book. Improve your life.