Happy International Women’s Day!

Leave it to a man to tell y’all how to do it. haha I jest.

But I am a very principled person. And I do stand for women. On liberty, always. I don’t take the politically correct and convenient stances though.

I take the tough stances. Like when I describe what a women’s march should be.

I don’t say the same shit the media says, but paraphrased to get 1000 likes on my Facebook posts. I don’t give a shit about that. I want to affect actual change.

Enough patting myself on the back. Time to compare the women’s march that was to what a women’s march should be…

Here’s what the women’s march was about:

1) For taxpayer-funded abortion services

I’m a very anti-war, anti-drone-strike, pro-life person. So, like, what a person who calls themselves pro-life should be.

The government shouldn’t stop people from having abortions. Things will get nasty/dirty/unsafe/brutal.

However, the government shouldn’t take 30% of my income and spend any piece of it at all (I don’t care how small of a percent it is) on other people’s abortions.

Pay for the consequences of your own actions. I will pay for mine. Like all my stupid traffic tickets.


2) Free birth control

Pay for your own shit.

Granted, I’m for single-payer healthcare. If this were a contest on who gives a fuck the most, I’d win.

Until we get the full overhaul and stop giving insurance companies fellatio (meaning: Obamacare and whatever the GOP is devising now), I shouldn’t have to pay extra to subsidize your actions.


3) The 77 cents on the dollar

It’s bullshit. Plain and simple. Zero sense and zero cents.

Unless you’re the woman who became editor of the New York Times after a man and got paid significantly less, this “statistic” is meaningless. It’s completely massaged into an agenda.

Think about it: if companies were able to pay women $77k vs paying a man $100k for the same job, they would do that 100% of the time. That’d be an extra $23k profit for the business owner’s pockets! Who wouldn’t do that?!

Those statistics do not break down into job-by-job pay – it compares overall pay for all women and all men. Which is nonsensical.

So, you have the man who’s a CTO making $200k and a woman who’s a nurse making $75k. And then crying that women are paid less. Logical fallacies everywhere.


What a Women’s March should be about:

1) Sexual assault and Rape Culture

The Hunting Ground. Stand against college administrators trying to silence victims. Whether they do it to make the school’s clean image stick or to protect their star football players, this shit has to stop.

Boycott college football. Boycott the pros too. They harbor rapists (Winston, Roethlisberger, etc).

Don’t send your daughters to colleges. They don’t need it.

Have them take online courses and become a web designer and developer. Or a robot technician. Or a fashion designer. Those are good stable jobs for the future – people will use tech, robots will do labor, and people will wear clothes.


2) Domestic Violence

Kind of a problem. Assault is never acceptable. In any form.

The non-aggression principle would be wise to follow.


3) Human Trafficking

Little girls are trafficked at an alarming rate. We do nowhere near enough to stop it.

I suggest ending the war on drugs and reallocating all that money to fighting human trafficking.

You don’t have to agree with me on the details of how to fund the crackdown on trafficking, just acknowledge that it’s a bigger problem than you not having free (see: paid by someone else) birth control.


There you have it: what a women’s march should be, as written by a man who cares. Peace and Love!