There is SO much news. It’s constantly changing. New stuff happens all the time. How are we supposed to stay current and relevant and not feel stupid for not knowing what’s going on in the world? Or at least our country?

Have no fear. I’m here to help you. There’s three simple solutions for this.


1 Watch and read constantly

You’re going to need multiple screens for this. TV on one channel, phone scrolling through other stuff, maybe a tablet playing in the kitchen. If you can, have your laptop on another site for different information. (all links in this paragraph¬†are¬†Amazon affiliate links)

There are some apps that could help. They curate content to your tastes. It’s actually super helpful in processing only the things that are most important to you.

But you probably should keep your face in a screen at all times to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Other than human interaction. Which is what you’re missing with your nose in your phone all the time.


2 Focus on ideas and let other people tell you what events are important

Regarding ideas: listen for them, read about them, talk about them, develop your own

Regarding events from friends: let other people be bombarded by the media and filter the events

That way, they can say, “Have you heard about this?” And you can say, “No. What happened?” Then, they get to tell you, making them feel important – and liking you more – and you get the info you need to know what’s going on. Without wasting time listening to talking heads. And if you want to learn more about a specific event: Google it. Then read until you feel you know enough of it.


3 Don’t.

That’s it. Just don’t keep current. And don’t care about it. It’s mostly sensational garbage meant to stir us up, keep us worried about things that are irrelevant/insignificant and pit us against each other so we don’t rise up against the powers that be and make a better life for ourselves.

I mean, does any of that stuff actually affect your daily life? Incredibly rarely. Like being struck by lightning and winning the lottery rare.

Just pull the plug on the news and I bet you’ll feel much happier with life. After, ya know, the withdrawals. The news is programmed to be like a drug.


You can do this. Whatever your goal, I believe you can achieve it. Just stay positive.

Don’t let any of it get you down. At least not for more than a few seconds. What a waste of that time. We don’t have too long on this planet – might as well be happy.