There’s a ton of funny videos on YouTube. Hilarious stuff. But what are the funniest ones? If you don’t want to spend ages and ages searching for funny stuff, watch these.


1) I’ll call myself on it before you do: I have an obvious bias towards male comics (I relate, so don’t hate – you like comedy you can relate to as well).

2) Each person/group is limited to one appearance on the list, so I just picked my favorite of theirs. But you should totally watch all of their stuff.

Warning: Most videos contain strong language. Do not watch with small children.


8 NOKAT – Girls are Assholes: At a Bar

This one is painfully hilarious. Nice guys everywhere know this pain so well. Great punch.

7  Pat Stansik – I’m 24

I love this, maybe mostly for how much it resonated with me. It hits home because Pat and I are the same age, and maybe because I totally understand everything he talks about.

6 Chris Rock – How to Not Get Your Ass Kicked by the Police

This one is so funny but sad because it’s true. We obviously have some serious problems in this country with police brutality, particularly targeting a certain racial group. It’s easier to make the point with a comedic video like this, then begin the discussion. Try that technique the next time you want to discuss the horrors of militarized police and the targeting of black people.


5  The Flip Side – Dating

Ever wonder what the world would be like if our typical gender roles were switched? This group has the answers for a lot of scenarios. This one is my favorite though. It’s a classic.

4 Key and Peele – I Said Biiiitch

The modern man in a relationship. Still trying to show off for his buddies. Pure comedic genius.

3 Jon Lajoie – Show Me Your Genitals

One of his first videos. This put a weird Canadian comedian on the map. Now you can find him in The League on FXX. And in about 20 more hilarious videos on his channel.

2 Bad Lip Reading – Game of Thrones

BLR is amazing. Love NFL reading, music videos (especially Michael Buble) and the shows/films are fantastic. This just happens to be my favorite. Top notch. Let’s all go to Medieval Land Fun Time World!

1 Lonely Island – I’m on a Boat

Greatest Comedy Group. They repeatedly show their brilliance. It’s amazing they’ve had as many hits as they have. Being that funny that often is very difficult. Watch their whole set of videos if you haven’t. You’ll get an ab workout.


There you have it. My 8 favorite comedy videos on YT. Enjoy.

What are your favorites? Let me know in the comments.