Bernie Sanders has thrown in the towel and cast his support to Hillary Clinton, a big part of the political machine he railed against for so long. That leaves you with Clinton vs Trump as your presumptive “choices” – but there’s more!

First let’s look at Trump and Clinton real quick:

Here’s the case for Trump.

But also, if you firmly believe the “vote for the lesser of two evils” philosophy (which is still voting for evil and has never worked to improve the quality of life in America) is a good strategy and somehow in your best interest (you’re wrong, but whatever), then I think you’re part of the problem.

Trump does have one good thing over Clinton though: he isn’t owned by corporations like Hillary. He actually owns himself. He has no deep political ties that can’t be broken. He doesn’t care what lobbyists want. He’s going to do whatever he thinks is best.

Love it or hate it, he’d actually be able to do things. And watching him vs Putin would be an epic spectacle. But his douchebaggery would be awful for our international relations.

Clinton: owned and operated by Wall Street… and possibly the Eye of Sauron.

This woman is dishonest and manipulative. She says whatever will get votes. Pandering level 100 achieved!

She cares about nothing and nobody but herself and her power. She talks about the struggles of the middle and lower class, but still charges six figures for speaking engagements and is a multi-millionaire herself.

WTF?! If you really believed in your message, wouldn’t you be willing to spread it for free? Ron Paul did and still does.

Hillary has book deals raking millions into her pockets. She can’t relate anymore to the American public than Trump. Being a multi-millionaire (and spending decades in politics) makes you un-relatable to the problems of the American people.

American wages have dropped since the ’08 recession while prices have risen. Housing is as expensive as it was when the bubble burst. Trump is smart enough to know it’s coming again.

Clinton won’t say anything about it because she doesn’t want to be the bearer of bad news (she’s also allergic to truth).

Now to the alternative… you could vote for someone who has principles, achieved a lot outside politics as well as during his tenure as Governor. Not the Governator, I’m talking about the Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson.

He will say no to more political bullshit than all the previous presidents combined.

He and his running mate Bill Weld actually think like you and I do. They want the same things: more personal freedoms for everyone and more prosperity for American people and American business.

These guys are the people we need in the White House.

Don’t vote for evil. #FeeltheJohnson