Why We Don’t Need a Department of Energy

When government largesse pays for things, nothing gets done quickly or efficiently.

Government bureaucracy shutters progress and pads the wallets of friends of politicians. They hire buddies. They pick buddies for fat government contracts. Nothing has to get done at a reasonable pace either.

The DOE had been around for decades when Tesla arrived and put an electric car on the market. Despite having spent hundreds of billions of dollars over the course of a few decades, they produced zero innovation.

We don’t need a department of energy to attempt innovation. They are slow and encumbered by the bureaucracy that doesn’t exist in the startup world.

Elon Musk launched a company (Tesla) and pushed a viable all-electric vehicle into the garages of American citizens in 8 years.

What did the government ever accomplish in 8 years? More taxes? More wars? Nothing new.

We need to cancel all government contracts from the DOE, shut down the department and let the market innovate and build lasting solutions that will make them a lot of money without the help of crooked politicians and lobbyists.

Don’t let the media convince us that companies are inherently evil and we need government to do things for us.

Companies are run by people. The government is run by people. If people are bad, then both companies and governments are bad.

If there’s a little nuance (there is), then we need to strip out the power structure where a few (politicians and mega-corporations) can use that power to line their pockets while stealing from the public.

Private energy companies are already proving why we don’t need a department of energy. Let’s let them innovate and keep pushing us forward.