I spent a lot of time alone as a kid – didn’t have friends. I played a lot of video games to escape. I found comfort there… But then the need for human connection got the best of me and I learned to make friends quickly and easily. So here’s what it’s like as an adult who’s been at both ends of the spectrum:

I’m a high energy social connector… but I often need time to recharge.

I can network and schmooze and make new friends and connect with people and be “on” for hours on end… but at some point my batteries will die and I will go into hiding for a couple days.

I like being the center of attention… but I don’t need to be. I’m just as comfortable by myself or on the sidelines as I am center-stage with the limelight.

I enjoy being with people… but I need plenty of “me time”.

I’m very comfortable giving speeches and in large crowds… but my favorite place is by myself.

I treasure my alone time… but it can get pretty lonely and I need to be in a crowd to feel alive again.

I often go to coffee shops (where I am now) just to feel the energy of other people… but I don’t talk with them.

I think being introverted enough to find some self-awareness helps make an extrovert complete.

Being just one or the other isn’t a great choice. It’s a spectrum. Like many things in life.

Don’t be at one of the poles. Get to know yourself and be comfortable sharing of yourself with others.

Finding the balance is key to being much happier.