What Smartphone Should You Get

Well, if you cut the cord to your cell phone service provider like I suggested… You can have any phone!

Ah, choices.

Now, I’m not an expert so I’m not going to review anything. There are plenty of sites out there for you to find a plethora of reviews/opinions.

I won’t add to that noise. I will say this: Android is the way to go for quality specs at roughly half the price of iPhones.

Option 1: Don’t buy a new one.

It’s simple – keep your current phone a little longer.

Save money. Lots of reasons to not upgrade to the newest, shiniest thing on the market.

Option 2: Buy a new one.

Ok. So you’re going to spend money on a new phone, but you don’t need to buy from a “name” maker.

The One Plus 3 can compete with the iPhone 7 Plus, Galaxy S7 and Google Pixel. But instead of $600-750, the OnePlus 3 is $400.

What will you do with that extra $200? Get the annual drinks subscription from AirFive which will pay you up to $108 for using it? Giving you really $308 of savings?

I’m no mathematician, but $308 is enough for a nice Android tablet, a year of Amazon Prime and a year of Netflix.

Then, you can cut the cord of cable and save buckets of money while getting healthier and smarter.

That’ll make you look and feel better. Which will greatly improve your quality of life.

Also, consider buying the previous version of a phone. It’ll still be amazing and you spend half the price.

Like the ZTE Axon Pro for $225 on Jet.com. It has 4GB RAM and 64GB space. That’s awesome! It’s twice as much of both as the iPhone 7, while being one-third the price (of the iPhone 7 Plus), and the Axon has a headphone jack for all of us still using those when not rocking sweet bluetooth headphones.

People who think Android isn’t as user-friendly as iPhone: here, try this.

It’s super user friendly and totally customizable. Make your experience what you want. For way cheaper!

So what smartphone should you get?

Get a better phone with better specs for a fraction of the cost and make it fit your needs.