I almost titled this, “Why Do We Bullshit Each Other?”

Have you seen Interstellar? It’s fantastic. What if we were more like the robots: 90% honesty with a 10% discretion setting.

I’m not saying we should be robots or even robotic. I don’t think the truth is inherently robotic.

The truth is simply what we want. What we’re doing. Our goals. Our ambitions. Our motives. Our desires.

Why do people think they need to play a game in relationships?

Maybe I think this because I got left out of “the game” for so long. I stopped caring because by the time I got the opportunity to play I didn’t want to waste my time getting “good” at it.

From the start, I am honest with people. I filter very little. Does it mean that a lot of dates don’t end well? Sure. But at least I know and I don’t waste time on someone who wouldn’t value me.

Does it mean friendships abruptly end? Sometimes. But it’s good because I learn who’s with me and who’s not. I don’t want to spend time with people who aren’t truly with me.

I don’t have time to waste. We’re not here on this planet for long. I can’t stand the thought of wasting time with someone who doesn’t want to be with me. In that moment. Not in the future. Not in the past. Right then. That very second. They need to want to be there, just like I want to be with them in that moment.

That’s mutually beneficial. We all want things. We just need them to align, to create positive relationships and interactions.

I think we’re at 40% honesty right now, tops. This is why nobody really knows themselves and we end up hurting each other so much.

We need to spend some time alone to achieve self-awareness and find our true desires, then communicate that with the people in our lives.

If we did that, we’d find happiness a lot quicker. And we’d save a lot of time and pain. For ourselves and others. Who, in turn, spread what they feel to the people around them. Which will eventually get back to you.

Know yourself. Communicate what you need and want. Spend time with people who want similar things. You’ll be happier. They’ll be happier. We’ll make the world a happier place.

And that’s a world we want to live in.