Bernie Sanders has a special opportunity to change the political landscape in the US for good.

Bernie is the Ron Paul of 2016 – a principled, honest politician who isn’t owned by corporations or seeking power for personal gain who will ultimately lose his race against The Establishment (political elite).

Bernie benefits from four years of increasing social media use and four more years of the younger people getting completely fed up with the system and politics as usual.

So the youth is feeling burned by the politicians and horribly corrupt system so they “Feel the Bern” and get inspired to rise against the powers that be.

It’s safe to say the two-party system is a failure. It’s essentially one party – the Party of Power. They all want control and personal gain at the expense of the American people.

We need more political parties. The Democrats and Republicans have rigged the system though – it’s incredibly difficult and expensive for another political party to get attention, funding and a place on the ballot.

I was part of the 1% who voted for Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party in 2012. A third party needs to meet ridiculous requirements to attain a permanent place on the ballots – which would save tens of thousands of dollars and hours of pounding the pavement for signatures just to be included in the process. Gary Johnson is polling in double digits now.

With Bernie winning 1/3 of Democrat votes… he takes at least 15% of the voting population. That more than clears the 5% threshold for funding.

He should move to the Justice Party (who has endorsed him) or another small party and convince all his supporters to register as a member of that party and vote for him in the election in November.

Would Sanders win the general election? Highly unlikely. We’re going to end up with Hillary Trump. And Trump funded Clinton. It’s Evil vs Evil in another round of US presidential elections. Not to gloat, but I predicted that unstoppable train hurtling to crash our system back when the primaries first started.

Back on track… Bernie would cement a viable third party option in the American political landscape. And shift the tectonic plates of power, which will eventually erupt to crush the stranglehold of the Republicrats on our society.

This would bring more national media attention to other alternatives to Republicans and Democrats that most people don’t know exist – Libertarian Party, Green Party, etc.

If we had 5-6 parties vying for power – nobody could really control us and people would have to work together for practical solutions that actually make life better for all people, not just the political and financial elites.

This could be the moment where true radical change begins. Or he could burn out like all the others before him who couldn’t upend the system – Goldwater, Nader, Paul, etc.

We all sit with bated breath. You have the floor, Mr. Sanders.